Preserving a wedding gown

Once you’ve worn a wedding dress, what else is there to do with it? Years from now you’ll want to show it to your daughter, but for now you just have to hang it up. However, it gets musty after a few years and is that some discoloration you see on the bodice? Preserving a wedding gown takes more work than you might think to keep it from getting to that condition. Working with the best dry cleanings will keep that from happening. These experts know how to go about cleaning a wedding dress to give you the results you want. A professional dry cleaning company will keep your dress looking and smelling fresh so you won’t be embarrassed to show it to your future daughter. 

Professional dry cleaning companies have the equipment and the experts available to help you with preserving a wedding gown, considering part of that preservation is making sure it’s cleaned every so often. The best dry cleaners can go a long way when it comes to cleaning a wedding dress and making sure you’ve got it back in the best possible condition. Getting rid of those funky smells or strange stains these dresses have accumulated while hanging in the back of your closet is something a professional dry cleaning company does best. Dry cleaners are experts at locating the problem on the dress and fixing it, as well as offering tips when it comes to storing your dress. This way, you can extend the longevity and the dress will be so well taken care of, your daughter may even want to wear it when her time comes.

Finding the best dry cleaners

Keeping it in the family is also something the best dry cleaners do. These professional dry cleaning companies really care about the process and getting your clothes ready to be worn again. They are family owned companies, placing the emphasis on you and getting the job done right the first time instead of getting in as many jobs as they can. This personal mentality is something that makes the best dry cleaners well known among others. When working with a professional dry cleaning company, it becomes evident that they care about you and want to get your clothes back to you so you can enjoy them again. They make it about more than just cleaning a wedding dress—it’s about preserving a wedding dress and the memories, allowing you to remember what the dress felt like the minute you put it on. Preserving a wedding dress in that condition will mean more to you than you might think. For the best results, use a professional dry cleaning company.

Bridal Gown Preservation can cost between
$189 ~ $359

Our price is only $119

Because we don't have the rent, the utilities, the employees or the overheada retail store has, we pass those savings on to you. It's the same wedding dress cleaning and preservation you'd pay a lot more for but now you don't have to.