Taking care of designer dresses

For weddings and other special occasions, you naturally purchase elegant dresses or suits. You can wear these things and make great memories, but once it’s time to bring them home and take them off, you need to think about cleaning. A dress or a suit, depending on how fine they are, may require dry cleaning, which isn’t something you want to attempt at home. Instead, let your suits or designer dresses, for weddings or anything else, be taken care of by a professional dry cleaning company. Not only will you never have to lift a finger, you’ll also be guaranteed to have your item of clothing back in pristine condition. Once you’ve found a dry cleaning company you trust to do a good job on your garments, you’ll feel a whole lot better about dropping your things of for a good round of dry cleaning.

Cleaning a dress or a suit, however elegant they may be, is a necessity. While you could feasibly get a wear or two out of an article of clothing before having to clean it, cleaning a dress or a suit just makes it feel nicer and fresher. In fact, you’ll probably even enjoy wearing it more once it’s been cleaned. Having a dry cleaning company take care of your clothing on a regular basis is the best way to ensure suit or gown preservation, which means you’ll get a longer life out of your clothing. Some dry cleaning companies even handle gown restoration, something that can be tricky to find.

Finding a great dry cleaning company is like winning the lottery. With a friendly staff and an efficient dry cleaning method, taking care of your designer duds gets a whole lot easier.

What clothing requires professional dry cleaning?

Generally, classy suits and designer dresses (for weddings, proms, or any other formal function) require dry cleaning. This is because the fabric used to make these creations is often too delicate to withstand the rough tumble of an everyday washer and dryer. Using a professional dry cleaning company ensures your clothing won’t be ruined and you’ll get it back clean and in great condition. Professionally cleaning a dress is the best way to get it looking like new again. 

When it comes to gown preservation, dry cleaning is the way to go. You won’t risk ruining it, you won’t have to do anything, and it’ll be back as good as new. Trust your fine, designer garments in the hands of a professional dry cleaning company and you won’t regret it.

Bridal Gown Preservation can cost between
$189 ~ $359

Our price is only $119

Because we don't have the rent, the utilities, the employees or the overheada retail store has, we pass those savings on to you. It's the same wedding dress cleaning and preservation you'd pay a lot more for but now you don't have to.